The LISP Beta network is no longer maintained, so we stopped the daily scan on March 3, 2020.


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The map above shows the approximate locations of detected LISP Tunnel Routers (xTRs). Clicking on a marker opens a popup showing the following info:

Some of the markers have a second tab, with data extracted from the control plane status page showing MR RTT from using several different Map-Servers too look up the EID prefix mappings. RTT to the xTR (measured from the same box) are also provided.

Blue markers represent LISP Map-Resolver/Map-Server boxes, and are generated from a manually maintained list. You can use the map navigation controls in the upper left corner to zoom and pan, e.g., the San Francisco bay area has a high concentration of routers. Clicking on the hand symbol re-centers the map.

To discuss LISPmon, the Wireshark protocol dissector for LISP, or any other LISP related topic, join #lisp-networking on FreeNode.

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